Graphic Design Resources for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

As a business owner or entrepreneur, you're always juggling a million things. You can't hire a full-time person or even have your go-to person for every task. One area that can hold back a small business owner is graphic design.

Depending on the size of your business and your needs and budget for graphic design your options range from hiring a full-time graphic designer to be there creating designs anytime you need one, using freelancers (a specific person know or a freelance website to find the talent on demand), artificial intelligence tools such as Logojoy (for logo design) or DIY tools such as Canva or Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.

To help make graphic design easier for you we're going to continually keep updated our favorite graphic design tools so depending on the time and budget you have you can find the best option for your needs.

Graphic Design

Here are our favorite graphic design options:
Canva - You can find a template for whatever you're looking to create (logo, online ad, social media post, business card) fill in the text, edit the layout, color, font etc. to make it your own. Cost: Free version works in most cases, there is Canva for Work with premium features for $12.95 per month.
Fiverr - An online marketplace for freelance talent, projects start as low as $5 hence the name. You first search for the service you're looking for (create a logo, YouTube thumbnail image etc.)  Then you choose the freelancer you want to work with and you see their pricing options. Projects start at as little as $5, but at that price, there will be limited or no edits/revisions to the designer's initial design.
99designs - An online marketplace, similar to Fiverr, but first you choose the price you're willing to pay for a service (Bronze, Silver, Gold) the dollar amount of each level varies by project type. Then you submit your information and dozens of designers submit their work. You then give feedback and receive revisions from multiple designers. You then choose the winning design and that designer wins the prize money.
Upwork - Another marketplace for freelancers, depending on the project there are options for hourly rates or a fixed fee. Each freelancer sets their own pricing so there is quite a bit of variation in price.

Logo Creation

Options above all have logo design options.
Logojoy - Design your own logo in a matter of minutes with the help of their tools / artificial intelligence. We've used for multiple projects and the best part is how quick and easy it is. Basic logos start at $20 and premium logos are $65.

Jeff Thelen